Too Blue Releases Second Album

Available now!  Too Blue’s sophomore album, Trouble with the Grey, is out and the critics are loving it:

“To quote Bill Monroe, ‘This is powerful music!’ With Too Blue, the total is much more than the sum of the parts, and the parts are mighty fine: swing-grass, 12 tracks with 9 original tunes, hot pickin’ & sweet singin’.” -Barry Mitterhoff, Mandolinist, Jorma Kaukonen

“A solid overall effort – catchy melodies, close harmonies and some first-rate picking… Each song is skillfully rendered, expertly produced and, individually, easy on the ears.” -David Morris,

“Their eclectic, well-arranged music is really anything but “too blue” because they convey many moods, and abundant amounts of soul and emotion…I’d highly recommend you get on-board their train to check out their tasty swing-grass music.” -Joe Ross, California Bluegrass Assoc.

Get your copy now!

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